Wanted: English lyrics for "Ave Maria de Fatima"
  • Hello everyone,

    I would very much like to find English lyrics to the "Ave Maria de Fatima."

    I've looked around and have found two versions, one in Spanish, and one in French (which also has an image of the melody line).

    Is it safe to assume that there isn't an "official" version of this in any language, since the verses vary widely from language to language?
  • chonakchonak
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    An English version under the title "In Fatima's Cove" is on the net, but the text is awkward. I'd rather just tell everyone to sing the Portuguese.
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  • Aristotle, are you referring to A TREZE DE MAIO?
    I have arranged an English translation, "The Thirteenth of May." in SATB, accompanied.
  • Thank you both!

    chonak, that text is definitely awkward. Charles, is the English translation you used less awkward than the one chonak posted?
  • Kathy
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    Anyone have a non-poetic transliteration?
  • I hope this pdf attaches.
    Also, this is not the adult SATB arrangement I spoke of. I'll see if that can post.
  • Choral version of "Thirteenth of May"
  • And I never even heard of this hymn.

    Of course, I've never lived anywhere with a large Portugese population. Nonetheless, I've saved both arrangements, just in case.

    Nice arrangement, Charles.
  • Thanks, Mary Jane. I left out obligatory portamentos on purpose.
  • About the choral version, verse 1, second system, measures 13-14: there is an elision of the words «da Iria» (pronounced like «day-REE-uh»). Thus the two eighth notes at the beginning of measure 14 are unnecessary; and impossible too, since the stress falls on the second «i» of «Iria»(not the first).

    And, by the way, this is not exactly a «Traditional Portuguese» hymn: the author of the words is the Portuguese poet António Botto, that was expelled from his job as civil servant (for being homosexual, which was a crime back then), fled to Brazil (with his wife, who never abandoned him), tried to endear himself to the Patriarch of Lisbon António Cardinal Cerejeira by dedicating him this poem «A treze de Maio», but was not allowed to come back to Portugal, and died in poverty in Rio de Janeiro.

    I have no idea who wrote the tune, but I may check my hymnals at home to see if there is any indication.
  • dvalerio, you're absolutely right, and we have corrected this "locally" by shifting the eighth notes to the 3rd beat m.13. I did think about this AFTER attaching it, but the pdf was handy. My bad.
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    There might be more language versions than you think, e. g. also in Esperanto. But for the beginning I have attached the Bavarian text (Bavarian Book Language/Bairische Buechspraach).
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    I'm pleased and honored to report that my arrangement of "The Thirteenth of May" found above is programmed for the Ordination Mass of the Archdiocese of Denver, sung by the Archdiocesan Choir and Boychoir on the centennial date. Thanks to Drs. Lawlor and MacClean.
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    i only knew the refrain and never knew there were verses. Wonderful.
  • Ralph BednarzRalph Bednarz
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    another text: but I never use it. All I have is these files

    Hail Virgin most holy,
    In mercy descending,
    To save us poor sinners,
    From sorrow unending.

    Ave, ave, ave Maria,
    Ave, ave, ave Maria.

    How calm is thy shining
    Above earth's commotion!
    Give peace to the nations,
    Thou Star of the Ocean.

    Hail great Mediatrix
    Forever bestowing,
    The graces, from Jesus,
    Unceasingly flowing.

    Our home and our country,
    We place in thy keeping,
    To love thee and serve thee,
    In gladness and weeping.

    Thy message we hear with
    Its gentle appealing.
    For penance and prayer,
    That the world may find healing.

    We pray for the Church
    In the hour of her mourning,
    We pray for all sinners
    Still deaf to thy warning.

    We pray for the Vicar
    of Christ on whom presses
    The weight of the world
    And its cruel distresses.

    O Queen of the Rosary
    Be thou our salvation,
    Our refuge in life and
    Our true consolation.
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    That fits the tune, but it's not very similar in content: the original song tells the story of the apparitions:
    "On May the thirteenth, at the Cova da Iria, appeared all radiant the Virgin Maria: Ave, ..."
    "The Virgin Mary surrounded with light, our Blessed Mother and Mother of Christ..."
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    When I sang in St. Mary's Choir, Akron, Ohio we used to sing a version of this hymn to lyrics similar to those that chonak listed in his last post. Given that the copy I have is hand written, the arrangement was probably done by Ralph J. Jordan (1916-1996) who was the organist and choir director. I attached a nice write up on Mr. Jordan, that appeared in the Akron Beacon Journal.
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    I'm intrigued by the scores posted here. I attended a marvelous 21 day pilgrimage to Fatima, Lourdes, Santiago de Compostela, Oviedo and more. I remember hearing this hymn, although I can't recount if it was just at Fatima or not (probably was during the evening rosary processions). One interesting thing, however, is I remember quite clearly that the melody of the refrain was sung ever-so-slightly different: (8th notes right at the end)
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    So THAT's where that refrain came from. Heard it a lot but unsure about where it came from