Our own MA, Singing Mum, leading a "renaissance"
  • California Catholic Daily's issue today, Aug. 28th, leads off with reportage and interviews about the return of sacred music to certain parishes in San Diego with dear Mary Ann CW.

    Here's the link for cut and paste; worth a look.

  • this is a great piece. Hard work to put these kinds of articles together. Outstanding journalism here. more more!
  • Thanks, gents!
    If anything good happens, I am in awe of God using the little people- in my case the goofy, too! HA!

    One has to remember that the bar has been set dismally low in my corner of the country, so we are ripe for 'upgrading'. This is not self-effacing, simply true. But Southern CA, really all of CA, is seemingly in the process of real sacred music development! And CMAA has a lot to do with it, heh Charles? Feels good to be part of that renaissance!
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    Congratulations to Singing Mum and all the folks in that area! The article gave a nice sense of the scope of changes there. That it wasn't just "one little pack of loonies."
  • Kathy
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    Awesome! Congratulations, MA!!