Can anyone identify this Gloria setting?
  • ghmus7
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    Hey can anyone identify the setting of this Gloria? (starts at about 43 sec) from Lourdes.
  • Forgive me, but why?
  • PaixGioiaAmorPaixGioiaAmor
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    Why? Because it's just bad enough that the average congregation will like its "catchiness". It would be a nice way to introduce an all latin Gloria. And it is done on the organ ... these days, you take what you can get.

    I'd use it.
  • chonakchonak
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    A lot of the music at Lourdes is by Fr. Jean-Paul Lecot, but I couldn't confirm that this is his. He has a "Gloria de Lourdes" and a Gloria in his "Messe de San Lorenzo", but those are both different.
  • PGA,
    The refrain melody is remniscent of Paul Gibson's arrangement "A Christmas Gloria" (OCP) to my ears. Ergo, too many "Glo-ho-ho's" for a congregation to maintain interest, and a bit contrived by comparison to carol's.
  • It shows off the cantors, as the people end up singing the same thing over and over again while listening to something sung in Latin they do not understand. Sounds like STTL Participation to its fullest to me!

    [I wrote one of these in English years ago for a guitar group. One nice lady liked it because singing "Glory To God, Glory To God, Glory, Glory, Glory To God!" over again was uplifting to her.] It embarrasses me to type this. Let's not mention it again.

    This version is much better than mine was. Still do not like it.
  • Mr. Z
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    Anyone have a Tylenol? A double, for the visuals and the audio. This is Lourdes? Makes you wonder if Lourdes isn't the fake the Protestants said it was.