New USCCB CDW website on the Roman Missal
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    Still needs to be fleshed out, though — some links don't work as of this post.
  • Kathy
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    This looks like a VERY useful table:
  • incantuincantu
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    I'm still most interested in seeing the musical settings, but alas, I have no password for the ICEL site...
  • "New Words: A Deeper Meaning, but the Same Mass"

    Does anybody besides me think the USCCB needs a new publicist? I mean, "huh?"
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    The site includes a discussion of the music in the new English adaptation of the missal, including options that were considered and rejected.
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    Too bad the examples table is missing the Latin column.

    But, then, it would make the whole matter self-explanatory.
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    Incantu, it is yours for the asking, but one must promise not to give it to anyone else.
    Email the Committee on Divine Worship here:

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  • I've seen the musical settings, and they're largely quite good. Even better is a look at some of the rejected examples that are included in their explanations behind each decision. Even though I might not agree with a few of the final decisions (and there are very few), I appreciate the glimpse into the deliberations behind them.
  • Kathy
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    The look! The feel! Big Gothic church. Everything is changing!
  • CharlesW
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    A good sign! For too long, we have been part of the faith that dare not speak its name - CATHOLIC!!!!!! Things are changing, and if God will let us keep Pope Benedict with us for many more years, things will get even better.
  • miacoyne
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    Deo, gratias for our Pope and our Church.
  • G
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    I think we might spare a prayer of thanks for Bishop Serratelli as well.
    I have to think change in the former BCL's leadership is contributing to this renascence.
    He had a series of letters on Liturgy published in his diocesan paper about two years ago, touching on posture and such like, that were superb.
    I can't find the links just now, but this was another gem
    We are at a new moment in the liturgical renewal initiated by Vatican II’s document Sacrosanctum Concilium, the decree on the liturgy. The Church is now preparing new translations of the prayers used in liturgy. This is a graced moment to enter into the renewal, not just with a change of words, but with a change of heart as well. Therefore, it is important first to keep in mind why the Church is so keenly interested in the words of the liturgy and second to understand the connection between liturgy rightly prayed and life unselfishly lived.

    The words used in the Sacred Liturgy are freighted with meaning that comes from beyond the assembled community. We listen to the readings from Sacred Scripture. The words of Scripture are the inspired Word of God. God speaks to His people directly. Faithful translations make His voice more readily heard.

    We raise our voice in prayer and acclamation. Our words express a faith that comes to us from the apostles. They are, therefore, doctrinal and formal. Our words express a faith that is truly shared by all members of the Church in all places and at all times. The words, therefore, are communal and Catholic. The words of the liturgy are too important to be left to one individual’s improvisation. Liturgy is worship, not theater.

    Because the words used in liturgy bring God’s Revelation into our present moment and because they lift our prayer to God in worship, there is always a special care to choose the right words.

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    Thanks, G. This is so well and beautifully explained. Many people don't understand why new translation is needed , why close to on.

    "...touching on posture and such like, that were superb."
    I wish I can read more of his writings.