Traditional Catholic Seeks Choir (San Francisco Bay Area)
  • Traditional Catholic choir singer (alto) with extensive training and experience, seeks a semi-professional church choir of dedicated Catholic musicians, loyal to the FAITH and MORALS of our holy Church, for the GLORY OF GOD!! Please call (415) 820-9648. (Why must this be so difficult to find?? )
  • We need singers at St. John the Baptist in Chico, California, for the traditional Latin Mass at 10:30am. We are small but not lacking in enthusiasm. The choir presently includes some non-Catholics, but all are respectful of our Holy Faith and liturgical traditions. In less than one year's time we will also need a choir director. Please call me at 530-514-4426 if interested!
  • I should mention that the Novus Ordo at St. John's, while still far from what it should be, is making moves in a traditional direction. The choir director we need will be responsible for both the TLM and NO liturgies.
  • Mr. Z
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  • Your are welcome to e-mail me. Our full choir is on holiday until the Thursday
    after Labor Day; however, the section leaders & those who are in town continue
    to offer the Missa Cantata at 10:00 AM each Sunday at Saint Edward Church in
    Newark. Each week we sing a chant ordinary and the proper from the Graduale
    Romanum. Our pastor, Fr. Jeffrey Keyes, is well known to CMAA folks. Get in
    touch ASAP
    Sam Dorlaque,
    Director of Music
  • Why not consider Dr. Mahrt's choir at St. Anne in Palo Alto, CA?
  • Jeff, I am looking for a position as Music Director. Perhaps I could send you my resume for consideration? My email is (Ken)
  • Consider joining the Cathedral Choir of the Cathedral of Christ the Light. While it is still far from where it should be, we are looking for new singers to sing at the Stational Mass and Diocesan events. Bishop Cordileone is strong supporter of quality music and liturgy and a good friend of the CMAA.
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    At Notre Dame des Victoires, downtown San Francisco, we have a 7:30 a.m. chant Mass (Latin and English) and choir Masses at 10:30 (French) and 12:15 (English). At 12:15 we typically chant the entrance in English from By Flowing Waters, a chant-based psalm by Marier, Kelly, Rice, or Schmitt; the offertory in polyphony, and the communion in Gregorian chant. Our choirs went on a week long pilgrimage to Paris together this summer, where we stayed with the Sisters of St. Joseph, had daily meals and rehearsals, celebrated mass daily,and sang the full Gregorian Mass (propers and ordinary) at La Sainte Trinite. Our regular rehearsals are held Thursday evenings, starting next week. Contact me for more details.
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    To clarify: the St Ann Choir sings at St Thomas Aquinas Church in Palo Alto.