Favorite Magnificats for 4
  • Hi all, I have to select a 4vv polyphonic Magnificat for All Saints (TL Office) and as I was beginning to, I thought "Why not ask the gang what their favorites are." You may suggest a full setting or an alternatim setting. I prefer the latter, but am mostly interested in knowing what you all like. Difficulty should not be a huge factor, but I'd like to keep it Renaissance since I don't have a large group to do the more modern settings.

  • Check out the Victoria & di Lasso settings on CPDL. Also Palestrina, but I can't
    remember if the Magnificats are well represented on CPDL.
    Let us know what you chose!
  • I do have all the Victoria Magnificats and would default to them usually, but I'm curious what other folks like. I'm looking for new ideas. Many thanks.
  • I love Morley's little Fauxbourdon


    How was Spain?
  • Charles,

    Spain was awesome as always. A little expensive, but I had a fabulous time and got to meet some new colleagues. Oh yes, I am the only one who has copies of certain Salve Reginas and Regina caelis now. I wonder if I should copyright them? Just kidding Jeffery..