Organ accompaniment book for Messiah
  • Kathy
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    Does anyone have a favorite organ reduction version of Handel's Messiah? I'm buying my organist an early Christmas present and I'd like it to be useful as well as decorative.
  • eft94530eft94530
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    I do not have favorites, but have used these ...

    Novello orchestral reduction

    Dover organ continuo
  • I have a copy which you may have free, if you like. It is used but in pretty good condition. email:
  • A hardback copy of the Novello edition (or the Schirmer, according to taste) is particularly useful. (Not a rebound version of the paperback edition.)

    I turned said pages for literally dozens of performances by various semi-competent choirs accompanied on organ by my first main high school organ teacher, who paid for his family's Christmas and their summer vacation each year by hiring himself out for Messiah gigs on a strictly cash-and-carry basis around Christmas and Easter. I'll probably have those pages, especially the tricky turns and cuts, imbedded in my brain unto my earthly end. And what caterwauling accompanied the meticulous organ-playing! Egads!
  • don roy
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    i still have your copy of the organists messiah (that you left at st. josephs so many years ago.) let me know how i can get this back to you.
  • Donnaswan
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    Believe it or not, Lorenz has an edition whose pages correspond to the Schirmer Edtion, and is quite a bit cheaper. I prefer using the Watkins -Shaw for solos
    but most church choirs are already familiar with Schirmer for choruses. I have a friend who is an editor, composer for Lorenz so got a bunch of cheap copies a few years ago. Can't remember the editor-well-qualified guy who just recently died. My mind is going- two glasses of Prosecco before dinner will do it every time.
  • GavinGavin
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    I use the Schirmer edition, never tried anything else. Works well enough for me.
  • Lawrence
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    For whatever it may be worth, I just use the piano reduction and "arrange" as I go along. I've found that if I don't like the layout, voicing, etc, of an organ edition it becomes more distracting than it's worth.
  • don roy
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    actually the written out continuo part is great for those who may be intimadated by an orchestral reduction. its enough to accompany a good chorus at least during rehearsals