St. Augustine Schola Cantorae 2009 Concert
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    Here's a link to the player with our concert. Remember, this is a live recording - not the 25-takes-of-the-opening-chord you get in the studio. But I'm pretty proud of my group - many of my singers have been around chant for about 6 months - and we did a wonderful job introducing music that simply isn't heard around here. The feedback we got was overwhelmingly positive - as were the donations.

    Live at the Cathedral

    I'm also attaching the program notes.
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    Congratualtions, MJ. It sounds wonderful! Very interesting repertoire. I always knew you had a style with good taste. I hope you get to do this more often. (next time video too please, you know someone always asks more ;-)
  • Listening to it now; wonderful indeed :¬)
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    I tried to respond to the google group email, somehow it won't let me.
    Anyway, bravo, bravo, bravo.

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  • This is just wonderful!
    For many years the only Catholic music in the Diocese of Saint Augustine that hasn't been excruciatingly awful has been the fine organ playing at the Cathedral-Basilica.
    Now there's great singing, much of it in liturgical contexts.
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    Sounds wonderful. Your comments on the rep are very instrucive with the right tone.