Agnus for congregations, beyond Mass XVIII
  • Heath
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    I would like to teach another chant Agnus to my congregation, besides Mass XVIII, by far the simplest. What other settings are the most accessible, in people's opinions?
  • In the Graduale Romanum, Agnus ad lib. II and Agnus XVII seem the simplest; the latter's a bit rangy, but not excessively so. If you have the Graduale Simplex, no. 47 (p. 29) and no. 59 (p. 37) are also easily grasped. All are in a "major" mode, and none have unique melodies for each invocation (a la Agnus XI), which should help matters.
  • dvalerio
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    If you do not have the Graduale Simplex, you may find the Agnus Dei mentioned above in this file (pages 86 and 89 of the pdf file). (The only other Agnus Dei from the Graduale Simplex not found in the Graduale Romanum, at least according to the author of the file above, is also given in there: page 88 of the pdf file.)