Propers for Confirmation
  • Kathy
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    We'll be using some propers for Confirmation this year.

    What is appropriate for the Ritual Mass for Confirmation? I'm looking for the introit and communio.

    Also, I have deja vu, so forgive me if I've asked this before. (I searched! A little...)
  • smvanroodesmvanroode
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    The Ordo Cantus Missae gives the following introits and communions for the Missa in Conferenda Confirmatione:

    Dum sanctificatus fuero
    Tempore paschali:
    Caritas Dei

    Beati mundo corde
    Domine, quinque talenta
    Qui vult venire post me
    Nos vos relinquam
    Spiritus qui a Patre

  • Kathy
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