For Kathy, the Glories and Delights of Pittsburgh
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    This has a nice ring to it.
    And since their "Events" page features a pint and an accordion beat up the way only a trad musician (were talking O'Carolan, not Carolingian,) can usually manage, it bodes well.
    East End Brewing -
    6923 Susquehanna St
    Pittsburgh, PA 15208
    Ph 412.537.2337

    John Harvard's Brew House - Brewpub
    3466 William Penn Highway
    Pittsburgh PA 15235
    Ph 412.824.9440

    Pennsylvania Brewing - Brewpub
    800 Vinial Street
    Pittsburgh PA 15212
    Ph 412.237.9402

    Pittsburgh Brewing
    3340 Liberty Avenue
    Pittsburgh PA 15201
    Ph 412.682.7400

    Rock Bottom
    171 East Bridge Street
    Pittsburgh PA 15120
    Ph. 412.462.2739

    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World)
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    Ha! Thanks!!

    I might not visit the former church, but at least I know I won't go thirsty. And all those links! Thank you!!!
  • I'm stunned. After all these years I never knew John Harvard's Brew House was a multi-state franchise. I just assumed it was another unique business thriving on its proximity to WGU.

    By the way, the men's schola at St. Paul/Cambridge has an annual tradition of meeting for lunch and brew at John Harvard's before the Sunday afternoon choir school Christmas concert. It is a tradition that will continue until we lose one of the guys off a riser. Last year was a close call.
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    What about the Primanti's locations? :-)
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    (ahem) someone has a one-track mind...

    ...and so do I! I wish I could make it out there, but I'm really hoping to do some studies in France next summer.