Hymn for the 'Year for Priests'
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    Hymnographer Vincent Uher, the man behind the brilliant choral music service Radio Walsingham, has written a hymn on the priesthood of Christ for this Year for Priests. Since the meter is D, it can be sung to Beach Spring, Chartres, In Babilone, or Hyfrydol (and probably other tunes!)

    Since the author has marked it "All rights reserved", I won't presume permission to quote it all here, but just a sample for informational purposes. You can follow the link to his blog Tonus Peregrinus for the whole text.

    Friends of Christ, O royal priesthood,
    Sing God’s praise for every priest –
    Strong and faithful, weak or lonely –
    From the greatest to the least.
    Brother priests of the Good Shepherd
    Called to live the Lamb’s high feast,
    Witness to your love of Jesus,
    Lord and Master, Great High Priest.

    [Copyright © 2009 Vincent William Uher III; All Rights Reserved.]
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    Thanks, chonak, I have really admired Mr Uhrer's work but had foolishly stopped checking in on his blog since it was updated so infrequently.

    Thanks for the notice about the hymn, and for the reminder!

    And what, (this my require a new thread,) is Radio Walsingham?

    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World)
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    "Radio Walsingham" is a free streaming audio service presenting two channels of fantastic sacred choral music. You can find a link to it on Mr. Uher's blog (noted above).
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    Well, actually it is the "Year FOR Priests".
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    Thanks; updated accordingly!
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    Mr. Uher has listed his terms for reproduction at the blog link above. He hopes for extensive use of his hymn.
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    Works well with Hyfrydol, Hymn to Joy, or any 8787 D tune.