Magnificat Antiphons in English
  • Richard R.
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    For those interested, I have prepared chant adaptations of Antiphons for the Gospel Canticle of Evening Prayer II (Magnificat), using the texts in "Christian Prayer: The Liturgy of the Hours" (with permission, believe it or not). The collection covers Sundays and Solemnities, and includes both simple and solemn settings of the Canticle in English and Latin. To keep things accessible for modest and beginning groups, I've set all the antiphons to Mode VIII, adapting the remarkably flexible melodic types used for simpler antiphons in the Psalterium monasticum.

    Both a schola edition, using traditional chant notation, and an organ accompaniment edition, using modern notation, are available on my Storefront: You can buy the printed copies, or download the PDF files for free.

    Let me know if you spot egregious errors.
  • marymezzomarymezzo
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    Wonderful. Thank you, Richard.
  • Richard, you never cease to amaze me. Thank you for all your work!