If ye love me
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    Tallis's If ye love me is popular amongst Anglophone reform-of-the-reform parish choirs (and those who by good fortune have had no need of the concept). With good reason: the combination of English text and Tallis's setting make it a marvellous devotional work. It's no coincidence that the recent Rocky Mountain Workshop included it in its programme.

    I have a little experience of singing and conducting it, and have always felt that most performances I've heard are too fast. My ideal metronome setting would be 69. I recognise this is an other-things-being-equal matter - the effectiveness of a slow tempo will depend on the choir's breath control and vocal focus.

    I'm also inclined to less volume, rather than more, preferring a pp repeat of "That he may 'bide..." to the more forthright versions I have often heard.

    What do those of you who've sung, conducted or listened to it think?
  • Well, we've been singing it for 7 years and every time it is different. As we like to say, the Holy Spirit determines the tempo.
  • IanW,

    I find that the tempo depends on the acoustics of the room....live, slower to let the sound develop....dry, faster to give it continuity. And I agree that it is a marvelous work. We are singing it this spring when the scripture appears at Mass.

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