Praying to the Patron Saint of Geeks -- Seeking PHP Help
  • Hello Friends--

    In another post the following comment was made:

    We are rapidly nearing the point where we finally have the music for the Mass freed, but yes, are in need of a geek to corral it and build a logical page to serve as a guide.

    Many of us have been aware of this need for a while now and have had discussions about it on this forum. I have been personally convicted about this need for some time and have been pursuing a solution to the problem for a few years now. I've begun to respond to this need with but am limited by my lack of "geekiness"... I'm not a programmer.

    But I'm very tuned into software and envision very clearly a platform that I think can work well for this need. I think that I've found an answer and would love to discuss it with any sacred music "geeks" who have PHP experience and perhaps would like to offer some help to complete the solution. I might even be able to offer compensation if it is needed. I'm considering going to professional developers for the continuation of, but would love to work with someone who is equally devoted to the sacred music movement.

    If anyone is interested in discussing this more please email me at adambartlettmusic (at) gmail (dot) com.

    Patron Saint of geeks, pray for us!
  • By the way-- I'm not necessarily presenting my site as the de facto solution here. In fact, there are many people who are doing similar things such as Jeff at Chabanel, etc. and I expect that more resource sites will also be appearing. I'm not hoping to take over anything that already exists, but to advance the experimentation in distribution models and in interface. It might take some time to find the right solution--I just want to get the conversation moving on possibilities. Just wanted to mention this.