A letter to a priest
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    Pope Benedict to Catholics: Kneel For Communion:

    Dear Father XX,
    I'm sure you already know about this, but I found this is well writen. I hope many Catholics are informed about this, as much as we were informed about Archbishops' suggestion of emerency 'on-hand Communion" happened a few month ago. I understand the nature of the urgency in our diocese required all the pastor to inform the message of the Archbishop, but I also feel that the urgency of restoring sacredness and the Pope's message to the Catholics should also be sent to local Catholics. Ultimately the faithful will make their decision since it's not mandated, but I would think we all should be informed about it. Surprisingly average Catholics don't hear much about the Church and what our Pope does, lack of interest or lack of encouragement?
    I know you always try to teach us and help us to do the right thing. I hope this is also an addition to your endeavor.
    (I pray that our church will bring out kneeler for communion. That would definitely encourage people to follow the Pope's wish.)

    God Bless,

    (This is good also)
    http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=PeiE-lznSYE&eurl=http%3A% 2F%2Fwww% 2Efacebook% 2Ecom%2Fhome% 2Ephp&feature=player_ embedded
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    Did you really? And what did he say?
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    I haven't got the reply back yet. I'll let you know. (the priest I sent this is the one who told us "if your parish is not connected with the Universal Church, it is a cult with your name on it." So I had to do it.)

    I've also sent it to someone else, and he was out of his office but the office sent the reply saying that she will make sure he will get the email when he comes back.

    The homeschooling group got this article and someone said this,
    "...When I entered the Church 10 years ago through RCIA, I was taught only to accept the host in my hands - they didn't even tell me there was another option. I later learned from another homeschool mother that it wasn't really proper, so I began to take it on the tongue. I do bend my knee prior to stepping up to receive, but I still don't kneel to receive because those administering it don't really seems ready to accomodate that...I wish someone in authority would come out more clearly with direction, at least direction to educate people..."

    Isn't it about time to listen to the Church and our Pope and actually do something to follow, starting with our priests in our local parishes and set examples for us? The Pope's message to me seems to be stronger than any rubrics. What I don't understand is that why do we hear the Pope's message from medias and other sources you just hear once or twice as news items, instead of hearing them from our bishops and priests as messages from the Church.
    How many local parishes try to follow and cooperate with him? (it goes with his deire of restoring sacred music in our liturgy too.) He cannot do it all by himself. I feel very sorry that many Catholics don't listen to the Holy Father anymore. We seemed to become so distant and indifferent. I feel that lay Catholics can speak out a bit more for him and the Church.