Fr. Weber's Simple Gradual, throughout the year
  • wonderful material here. If you can add images, recordings etc., you can help in promotion. Right now, I'm swamped.
  • RobertRobert
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    Anyone know the source of the translation of the Simplex antiphon texts Fr. Weber uses?
  • They are his own
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    It looks very nice. It says A SIMPLE GRADUAL FOR MASS IV. Through the Year. Is it completed? And how do I find music of each week in those settings? (It is listed as Mass I, Mass II ...) For example, if I want to find Propers of 20th Sunday in Ordinary time, what's the best way to do it? Thanks
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    This appears to be an English chant version of the texts assigned to the general use Masses for Ordinary Time in the Graduale Simplex and would be used in the same way as those found in By Flowing Waters. See the introductory material for those two volumes.
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    Thanks, incantu.
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    I wonder whether Fr. Weber needs an explicit USCCB approval for the use of his collection, as Professor Ford sought and obtained for BFW.
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    I looked at the Weber propers some time ago, and thought they were very good. My only question was, when is he going to get them completed? The only problem with them is that they do not go through the year.
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    Charles, I'm with you. I like what Weber has done and would like to add them to my schola's repertory. I hope putting the rest of them online is part of someone's to-do list.

    I am also enjoying the Kellys that are now online. My only quibble with the Kellys is that there are no offertories. but I love the sound of what's available, and the schola likes them too.
  • Yes, Fr. Weber is everywhere. Some of the chaos is probably my fault. He needs a geek to work with him and focus. I fear that some of his material is falling through the cracks between the keys on my keyboard.
  • We are rapidly nearing the point where we finally have the music for the Mass freed, but yes, are in need of a geek to corral it and build a logical page to serve as a guide.

    Who is the patron saint of geeks....
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    Who is the patron saint of geeks....

    St. Bytus?, (that name just seems too good to be true, no?)

    Save the Liturgy, Save the World
  • The patron saint of geeks may be Saint Isidore of Seville, the first Christian encyclopedist and the patron saint of the internet.
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    Despite St. Isidore's virtues, an encyclopedist doesn't seem representative of geekery or the Internet. A figure like Athanasius Kircher, S.J., that great collector of curiosities, might be more suitable.

    It's too bad that the Church Father Origen was not declared a saint. Because he made himself a eunuch, we computer types could claim him as the patron of Unix and therefore Linux.
  • Microsoft would be advocatus diaboli in this cause.
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    Oh, that's terrible, chonak. Go stand in the corner and mutter ASCII codes for an hour.

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    Does anyone get the feeling that some here reinstall Java to pass the time? ;-)
  • Ok, this isn't php or anything flashy...but I have started a spreadsheet.

    To keep it accessible, the link is on

    Current Liturgical Musical Resources

    Add to it and i will create a guide....which eventually might be replaced by a classy nk! When that day comes I will it very gratefully.

    noel jones
  • Thanks for the audio up there Jeff.