Out of the Basement and Into the Light
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    An article in the newspaper of the diocese of Worcester quotes someone we know:
    A desire to attend Latin Mass – and belong to a parish – is bringing new members to Immaculate Conception Parish in Fitchburg and St. Paul Parish in Warren.

    The Masses, like those before Vatican Council II, benefit newcomers and long-time parishioners, those involved say. They do not replace, but are in addition to English Masses.

    Father Daniel J. Becker, St. Paul’s pastor, said that last spring he started celebrating Latin Masses there at 10:30 a.m. Sundays, and also celebrates them at 8:30 a.m. Monday through Friday. Starting Aug. 16 the high Mass, which is sung, will replace the low Mass on Sundays, he said.

    Parishioners wanted these Masses and they are getting youth involved and saving people long trips, said Steven Rust, a member of St. Paul’s.

    On June 28 Immaculate Conception Parish started a Sunday Latin Mass at 8 a.m., preceded by confessions and the rosary, and followed by refreshments, said Father Thien X. Nguyen, pastor. People there say the Masses are bringing new life and hope for preserving the parish.

    Two years ago, in an apostolic letter, Pope Benedict XVI cleared the way for wider usage of this “extraordinary form Mass.” The ordinary form Mass is what most Catholics have attended for nearly 40 years.

    Extraordinary form Masses used to be held in basements or chapels, but since the pope’s letter they are coming to parishes, said Sam Schmitt, who has played the organ and directed the choir for the Latin Masses at Immaculate Conception.

    “I’ve seen changes in attitude, where people thought, ‘That’s not mainstream; you’re cutting yourself off from the Church,’” but now have started to see it as a regular part of the Church, he said....
    The resurgence of the Latin Mass can benefit even those who don’t attend, Mr. Schmitt said. English Masses might incorporate more of the Latin Mass music and priests who have celebrated the Latin Mass say it has influenced their reverence at English Masses.