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  • My letter, which was never answered...

    Subject: Calendar - Sr. Clelia Cecchetti, SP
    From: gedeckt@usit.net
    Date: February 10, 2009 10:11:44 PM EST
    To: bcl@usccb.org

    Dear Sr. Clelia Cecchetti, SP:

    I have received notice of the new calendar being made available.

    Having been in the publishing business on the internet for ten years, I would appreciate an explanation of the pricing.

    I can understand $10 for the printing, shipping and handling of a hard copy, and even a charge for the production of a CD.

    However, I am not understanding the charge of $10 for an email attachment of the file. I am hoping that you might be able to explain this.

    Thank you,

    Noel Jones, AAGO
    Creative Director, Frog Music Press