booklets for congregation with Mass readings only?
  • Does anyone know of a reasonably priced option (hardcover traditional missals are probably not in the budget) that includes readings for Sunday Mass and antiphons for daily Masses but no hymns? In other words, if you wanted to ditch the usual OCP and GIA missalettes but still provide readings, where would you look? Our music director is developing his own hymnal for congregational singing, and it's a waste of money and trees to keep buying "Breaking Bread."

    I appreciate any suggestions.

  • incantuincantu
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    Depending on how many you need, you might be able to find some old copies of GIA's "Sunday's Word" in an edition since the revised Lectionary but before they added the Janco ordinary. If you print a worship aid, you could looking into getting permissions to reprint from the USCCB website.
  • This is a great question. Surely there is some published periodical that has this, no? I've often wondered about what would be in the pews with just readings and antiphons. Something with nice art, and no goofy sayings in the margins or whatever. Something serious and nice. What offbeat publisher has done this? There has to be a demand.
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    My best bet would be to go to a smaller OCP or WLP book, like Today's Missal (OCP) or Seasonal Missalette (WLP) or perhaps Celebrating the Eucharist (LitPress). You're still going to get hymns, just not as many. My pick would be either TM or Celebrating the Eucharist, prolly the later. CTE has continous weeks and they're small hymn selection is better. I don't know if Sunday's word has weekday readings or not.
  • Thanks for everyone's comments on readings-only booklets (keep them coming, please!). I especially like incantu's suggestion of seeing whether USCCB would allow reprints and if so, at what cost. That's probably the ideal solution, as I could set the text in an attractive typeface and incorporate appropriate art in the booklet. Thanks, Jschola, for mentioning Liturgical Press's option, which looks good, although it costs a little more than "Breaking Bread," our current missalette, which we'd like to get rid of.
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    There's the monthly periodical, Magnificat, which is very popular. All the readings for weekday and Sunday masses, a Marion antiphon for the month, some devotional writings,and a work of art. It is a nice little package - I think an individual subscription is something like $35 per year. I don't know if they have a price for parish subscriptions. Could be pricey.
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    If I may, I have a vendetta against WLP. Typical complaints about publishers aside, they have an incredibly shoddy product with tons of plain editing errors. They're also among the cheapest, so my parish has an ad infinitum subscription...
  • As of Advent, my parish went to something called "Liturgy of the Word" from World Library Publications. It uses the common newsprint missalette format. No hymns, just the readings. It does include the "Entrance Song" and "Communion Song" proper texts (not music) for Sundays and weekdays. The only music I see is responsorial psalm refrains for Sundays.

    I think the parish music director requested this as he only uses hymns from the hymnal (Worship III). I don't know about cost, but presumably it's cheaper per year than the seasonal missallettes, because one lasts for a whole year. The parish isn't stuck buying hundreds of copies of missallette "standard" songs four or five times a year. (I'd think that would be a selling point for a frugal pastror).
  • David, thanks. "Liturgy of the Word" sounds like a good option.