Daily Mass Psalms
  • lmassery
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    So many times over the years I have seen musicians ask on various forums for free settings of the Psalms for weekday Masses, to use at school Masses, etc. I finally decided to set them myself! I have come to believe that when an idea to help people comes, and we are capable to doing it, that probably is the Holy Spirit asking us to act.
    In order to make this project manageable for a busy dad with 2 jobs, I chose 2 formulas (I may add more): Psalm tone V, and VIII. The refrain is a Gregorian Psalm tone, and the verses are Meinrad tones. So far I have completed most of upcoming July and will keep going according to the Lectionary. With these formulas, it only takes me about 2 1/2 minutes to set and post each psalm. The engraving may not be perfect, but the result is a traditional, simple, and singable responsorial Psalm, free to use and share. Each page also contains refrain only for reprinting in worship aids.