Gustate et videte
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    I started to make Psalm verses for this Sunday's Communion that use the do our congregation is used to for Gloria Patri instead of the American Gradual's mode iii ti's, but ended up redoing the antiphon as well.
  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    Just found what I misremembered as an abandoned attempt from last year, which I like better!
    name: Gustate et videte;
    user-notes: OT 14 ;
    commentary: Ps. 33:9;
    annotation: Comm. iii;
    centering-scheme: english;
    %fontsize: 12;
    %spacing: vichi;
    %font: OFLSortsMillGoudy;
    %width: 4.5;
    %height: 11;
    OO(g/hj) taste(jjj) *(,) and(ghGFEf) see(fe..) (,) how(f/e/fh) gra(hg/gf/ghg)cious(g) the(g) Lord(egff) is:(fe..) (:)
    hap(e/fg)py(g) are(ghGF) they(h.) (,) who(h.v ghFD) put(fh) their(g) trust(hggf/ghg) in(egff) him.(fe..) (::)
    I(g) will(hj) bless(j) the(j) Lord(k) at(j) all(ih) times:(jjj) (:) his(ig) praise(hj) shall(j) ev(j)er(jji) be(hg) in(h) my(i) mouth.(gh..) (::)
    I(g) will(hj) glo(k)ry(j) in(j) the(ih) Lord:(jjj) (:) let(ig) the(hj) hum(j)ble(jji) hear(hg) and(h) re(i)joice(gh..) (::)
    Glo(g)ry(hj) be(j) to(j) the(j) Fa(j)ther(j) and(j) to(j) the(j) Son(j) (,) and(j) to(j) the(j) Ho(k)ly(j) Spir(ih)it.(jjj) *(:) As(ig) it(hj) was(j) in(j) the(j) be(j)gin(j)ning,(j,) is(j) now(j) and(j) ev(k)er(j) shall(ih) be,(jjj) (:) world(j) with(j)out(jji) end.(hg) A(hi)men.(gh..) (::)
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