Adam at Hymn Society 2024: Atlanta
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    The Hymn Society conference is in ATL this year, July 14-17

    I will be there, so if you will also be there, you should find me and we can do the secret handshake and drink rum (or whatever your beverage of choice is).

    Two things of note:

    1. I am leading a sectional

    Seasons By Heart: Paperless Music for the Church Year
    Adam Wood

    Paperless music – music transmitted orally, without direct reference to notated scores or lyric sheets – has a unique capacity to engage worshipping communities and encourage full-bodied musical participation.

    Inspired by, and drawing from, the work of Music that Makes Community, the Wild Goose Worship Group, Taize, and other communal-singing traditions, this sectional will present musical options and logistical inspiration for incorporating seasonally-appropriate paperless songs into the worship repertoire of conventional (paper or screen-based) singing communities.

    This is in the FIRST Sectional timeslot, Monday at 11am.

    2. On the Saturday BEFORE the conference, I am helping to lead a day long Paperless Music workshop

    Music that Makes Community is excited to offer a One-Day workshop at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Atlanta, GA in connection with The Hymn Society Conference. Join Ana Hernandez, Monica Oneydika, Adam Michael Wood, and Conie Borchardt for a renewing day of building community through singing, learning, and fellowship. During our time together we’ll:

    - Explore a practice of paperless (oral tradition) singing leadership grounded in a spirit of welcome and generosity;
    - Engage models of teaching and leading that welcome our bodies, hearts, and minds;
    - Experience music reflective of the growing diversity of our communities and celebrating our rich spiritual and liturgical traditions;
    - Build community and strengthen relationships through singing.

    Each person will leave with new music to share, as well as experiences of learning and teaching songs applicable to their context. Choir directors, clergy, cantors, lay leaders, and all who love to sing are warmly welcomed.


    While MMC's paperless, communal music practice is a bit outside CMAA's wheel house, I think either of these workshops would be a good, fun, and spirit-filled time for even the most traditional of sacred musicians, even if it doesn't directly impact the work you do in liturgy.

    Hope to see some of you there.
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    Also, I JUST noticed what picture they used for me in the flyer...


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    Adam, are you based out of the ATL area?
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    No I live in Silicon Valley.
  • dad29
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    Silicon Valley

    Where else would you find a frog like that?
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    The frog is at the Oakland Zoo