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    I have had three new tenors join my choir since January. I had to share this good news and have you all know my joy. THREE. One reads well, the other is keen and just an all around great guy and the third is a young man, so who knows if he will stay, but he seems to like it. I have a female tenor too who will go back to alto in the fall. At the last mass I had 5 basses and 4 tenors. Maybe this is a sign of the apocalypse.
  • francis
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    Oh my gosh the three tenors.
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    There could be three of us?!?!
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  • Impossible.
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    I've had several join since I started here–they were the first section to have 3 consistently show up, and they started calling themselves the "Three Tenors" before I even had time to make the joke...
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    And if they're actual tenors and not baritones who can sightread, even better ;-)
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    We used to pitch hymns down a tinge just so we could use high baritones to sub for actual tenors. It also helped our sopranos who were 1.5 and not really first sopranos, too. It was a little tough on the altos and basses, though.
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    Loudly clear your throat during pauses (tenors are trained to do this from birth).
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