It's been a while...
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    Hi folks, where to begin...
    It's probably been over 8 years since I've parused the forum here. I'm wondering how different things are now? To Make 8 years take about 60 seconds... I moved parishes after my pastor told me he was going to have to leave due to certain parishioners making things at the parish gradually worse to sabotage him. I went through a divorce at exactly the same time, and had to start life completely over. It's taken more time than I liked, but I'm back on my feet (somewhat) and was wondering what my chant friends were up to these days in the places they serve.

    I've ended up pretending to be an organist at my current parish, and I do chant propers in our English Masses, and get to do 1 TLM at 1pm Sunday (so long as the Vatican allows it). The job has helped sustain me spiritually and monetarily. I still see some familiar names, so I hope some folks have stuck around, and for the folks who weren't here back then: Hello!

    I'm planning to lurk the forum more often now that I've found it again, so I look forward to seeing what people are doing in their parishes in this day and age. God Bless!
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    Welcome back! Glad to have you with us! I hope things are going well for you at your current parish, that you're spiritually doing well, and that you are able to pay the bills!
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    Best of luck to you. I am now retired from church music, but am still capable of causing great mischief on occasion. Glad you are back in music.
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