Laon 239 re-interpreted
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    I have interpreted some selections from Laon 239 and transcribed them into modern notation. I feel these accurately represent the original rhythm of Carolingian chant (yes, a very bold claim indeed!) and resolve many of the rhythm wars currently being waged. Does anyone know of a grant I could apply for that would free me up to turn this project into a full-time job so that I might finish the rest of the manuscript within a reasonable time frame? Right now, I am working a day job and only have a couple hours per night to work on the manuscript.
  • I don't know of any grant, but I would be interested to see/hear what you've come up with so far if you're willing to share. The interpretation of such manuscripts is often a reoccurring consideration of mine.
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  • M. Jackson Osborn
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    A worthy undertaking.
    Perhaps the music department of a local university could advise you about getting your grant.
    Professors and graduate students get grants all the time.
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    A fairly accurate interpretation has been available for nearly a century. Vollaerts started publishing his research in 1931. Taking into account the insights of Cardine and his disciples, Van Biezen made some corrections about twenty years ago, yet this scholarship remains largely neglected/rejected in favor of an aesthetic based on an anachronistic understanding of medieval Latin and the theory of variable agogic nuances. Would you be willing to share an example or two of your transcriptions that represent what you believe to be the original rhythm of Carolingian chant?
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