GLORIA PATRI cheat sheet?
  • liampmcdonough
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    We are using the the Gregorian Missal to chant propers weekly now, but there is no gloria patri section. Anyone have a good single sheet page of the gloria patri I can glue into our books, or anyone have a suggestion for what he does to avoid mistakes?
  • MarkB
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    I had found this somewhere once.
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  • MatthewRoth
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    The ICRSP has a version too, if people can handle EUOUAE…
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  • OrganistRob320OrganistRob320
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    I believe these are the pdfs I printed out and cut out to "glue" into the back blank pages of the Missal. Then you can just flip to the back and use the tone as needed.
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  • liampmcdonough
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    These are great, thank you!
  • LauraKaz
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    Rob, do you by any chance have bigger versions of the Gloria Patri (with larger print and smaller margins on the sides, not necessarily in a "box")? I would love to put them in my students' binders to use throughout this coming school year.
  • tomjaw
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    I would open the pdf, crop it using the crop tool, and then print it on larger paper.
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