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  • Hi, all!

    We wanted to introduce ourselves. We are RC Liturgy and Service Music, a team of 2 friends who have been active and involved in music and liturgical ministry our whole lives. We have a great interest in music and deep love for living out our Catholic faith. We have been blessed to sing and play with a variety of choirs, and explore a plethora of unique parishes.

    A few years ago, we created a YouTube channel where we compiled recordings of both popular and lesser known mass settings, psalms, and songs. Our hope was to create a place where people could visit and find the resources they need to fully and actively participate in their own music ministry.

    We recently created a website that collects and databases as many mass settings, psalms, and liturgical/service music as we can find. We do this not only out of our own personal interest, but to make finding information and resources accessible to fellow musicians and choristers alike.

    We invite you to check our website, which is still in its early stages. We have already found and listed over 320 mass settings of all styles from numerous publishers around the world. While this is a great start, we know that their is still a lot more out there!

    This forum has contributed to our knowledge base of the musical heritage of the Church, and thus, we thought it would be fitting to turn to you all in asking for suggestions. If there is any music you'd like to see on our website that's not already there, please shoot us an email or reply, and we'll make it happen. In the near future, we even hope to add music from the Extraordinary Form of the mass, too!

    Additionally, we would be happy to promote/list any of your music on our site at no cost! We want to recognize the musical talent in this community! Just a link that directs people to your music.

    Please check out our site when you get a chance, and help us compile the very best of Catholic music! Just copy and paste the URL

    RC Liturgy and Service Music
  • jberardi
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    Thank you so much. I'm looking forward to it!
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  • MatthewRoth
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    Welcome. FYI, you can post links in the forum.
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