Moody AFB Chapel - Catholic Musician position
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    The military base chapel needs a Catholic musician for their liturgies. Here is information about the position:

    Scope of Work:

    Main Tasks and Objectives:
    The contractor shall provide a Catholic musician who will plan, organize, and coordinate music selections for the Catholic community with the assistance of the Catholic Priest at Moody AFB, Georgia .
    The contractor shall attend weekly rehearsals and performances, support special services, and maintain familiarity with current trends in worship .

    Equipment and Materials:
    The Government will provide all necessary facilities, equipment, and supplies .
    The contractor will have joint use of all available equipment and should follow local procedures to request new or replacement equipment .

    Methods and Standards:
    The contractor must adhere to Department of Defense, United States Air Force, and Air Force Chaplain Corps directives, policies, and instructions .
    Compliance with background checks and maintaining professional conduct is required .

    Performance Metrics:
    The contractor’s performance will be monitored and inspected by the Wing Chaplain or designee .
    Any noncompliance will be notified in writing .

    Project Schedule:
    The base year of performance is from 1 September 2024 to 31 August 2025, with options to extend up to four additional years .
    Weekly attendance includes 2 hours (1 hour for rehearsal and 1 hour for performance) .

    Expected Deliverables:
    Weekly performance and rehearsal sessions, support for special services, and maintenance of choir equipment and cleanliness of facilities .

    For more information, contact Nicolette Canady | 469-369-0114 |
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