Liturgical usage of the Messe de Nostre Dame
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    Does anybody know if there have been modern day instances of the Messe de Nostre Dame (or even any mass settings of the same musical school) being used in an actual liturgy in the modern day? This is a question I have had in my mind for a while now, and thought I could recruit the brainpower and knowledge of the masses (i.e. this forum; pun not intended!) to discover the answer.

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  • Machaut? Yes, I've had the privilege of singing it liturgically a few times (for the Tradtional Mass, not that I can think of for the Novus Ordo). These have mostly been with David Hughes conducting, and I know he's done it a fair amount over the years. I'm sure there are others as well.

    Typically one would shorten the Kyrie, I think, since it's quite long enough singing each polyphonic section only once. Also I don't think we did the "Ite missa est."
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    I think the term "privilege" is very apt for such an experience!

    Do you know of any recordings that I could use to get a sense of what the setting is like in it's proper context?
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    The Taverner Consort / Andrew Parrott recording is a liturgical reconstruction: