HYMN OF THE MONTH - JUNE: I Need Thee, Precious Jesus
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    As part of my series on Catholic hymns, I have chosen a hymn that St. Mary’s Choir in Akron, Ohio sang on many occasions, it is one of my favorite hymns. How many of us have need of a friend like Jesus? Someone who really understands, who knows our difficulties and who knows the weight of the cross. This is a very beautiful hymn to sing especially in these days when we read about and hear of the need to have a personal relationship with Jesus. The hymn has been forgotten by all except for a few vintage organists, hymnologists, and choir members like myself. Ask your organist or choir director to sing this wonderful hymn at your next Mass.

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    In checking a few historical resources, there is indication that I Need Thee, Precious Jesus once enjoyed popularity in Anglican circles on both sides of the Atlantic. It appeared in both the principal Anglican hymnals in the UK (Hymns Ancient and Modern and The English Hymnal) as well as in US hymnals for the Protestant Episcopal Church (1892) and the Reformed Episcopal Church (1886, 1906, 1915).

    It's a great hymn and very appropriate for use in this month of the Sacred Heart.
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