Hagerstown, MD: Paid Chorister Positions - Tenor & Bass
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    St. Mary's Catholic Church in Hagerstown, MD is looking to hire 2 Paid Choristers - one Tenor and one Bass. The positions are designed to assist the Director of Sacred Music (DSM) in the pursuit of achieving and maintaining artistic and musical excellence within a Catholic, religious and prayerful environment. Paid choristers provide the opportunity for the choir to sing more challenging choral music and help to maintain stability within each section of the choir in the event of a member’s absence. The paid chorister reports directly to the DSM and is an employee of the parish.

    • Provide stability for a choral section, through reliable and punctual attendance.
    • Run a sectional rehearsal as needed.
    • Take detailed notes at rehearsal, such as breathing, phrasing, diction etc., in the event you lead a sectional or a singer in your section needs the markings.
    • Attend all scheduled rehearsals during the normal choir year from August to the end of June (day/time TBD).
    • Attend all 11:30 Sunday Masses from August through June, as well as special Masses as needed, especially around Christmas and Holy Week.
    • Sing solos as requested by the DSM. For example, you might be requested to sing the verse of a lengthy Gregorian chant proper or serve as cantor for the Psalm.
    • Complete bi-weekly timesheet with hours/services worked for timekeeping purposes.
    • Complete necessary paperwork/processes for a parish employee, including background checks, fingerprinting, safe environment training, etc.

    Position Requirements

    • Practicing Catholic, preferred.
    • Bachelor’s degree in music, preferably vocal emphasis, preferred.
    • Ability to read music well and a commitment to and capability of practicing independently. Piano skills are useful in achieving this end but are not required.
    • Strong vocal production with good pitch and rhythmic sense and both a strong ensemble singer and soloist as needed.
    • Vocal Flexibility in a variety of musical styles including Gregorian chant and Early Music.
    • Willingness to sing challenging music alongside volunteers who, though competent, possess various levels of ability.
    • Possess good interpersonal and communication skills and is willing to help foster a positive, energetic and prayerful working environment.
    • Punctuality.
    • While preference will be given to practicing Catholics, the positions are also open to those who share the same Christian values. They should adhere to the catholic traditions, participate fully in worship while serving in their professional capacity, and live a lifestyle that is in conformity with Catholic teaching.

    Adherence to dress code:
    o Men:
     Do wear:
    • button down shirt
    • pullover shirt with a collar (such as a polo shirt)
    • neat and clean pants
    • consider wearing a tie on Sundays
    • suit coat or sweater as desired
     Do not wear:
    • sleeveless shirts, shorts, flip flops or sandals
    • outfits with large logos or distracting messages

    Audition Procedure
    • Prepare two pieces: one Gregorian chant proper and one from other sacred music
    • Sightreading
    • Vocal range testing/demonstration

    Schedule & Compensation
    • Sundays from 10:45 – 12:45.
    • Weekly 1-hour rehearsal. Day and time TBD.
    • Pay rate is $30-40 per hour based on experience. 3 hours per normal week August through June.

    If interested, please email Dan Taylor at dtaylor@saintmarysonline.org for application instructions.
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