signing the psalm in operatic style
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    I go to a youtube channel to help get the psalm down as a cantor for the Spanish Mass. The psalms are from Responde y Aclama. The woman who does the psalm is a professional opera singer and does the psalms in that style. I've been wondering lately if that is appropriate for Mass. It seems like "too much." Am I right or wrong?
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    St Pius X would agree with you. but in practice,it's better for parishioners to worship the singing in the church rather than in the opera house (or some worse places, like in a circus)
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    Hard to evaluate what you are describing as operatic style without a link to view
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    No Divas Allowed At Mass!
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    I agree with @davido that it would be beneficial to share a link so we could evaluate her singing
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    Also agree: let us hear some examples.

    I sought out Responde y Aclama performances on YouTube, even including this week's psalm, and i heard various things. I heard some untrained and some rather trained singing, but nothing I would call operatic. (Aside: I saw a quite a bit of hand-waving suggesting “sing now, this is the response”, which I think is inappropriate: but not operatic as such.)
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    What do you mean by "operatic style"? Do you mean "A voice capable of being heard without amplification? Or "a voice with a noticeable vibrato"? Or "a performance with interpolated cadenzas and high notes"? I'd say the latter is inappropriate for psalmody (and for the Star Spangled Banner). As for the others, I would prefer to hear a cantor with a solid vocal technique, which means there will naturally be some vibrato. I'd prefer somebody more suited to Lieder than the stage, but I'm not fussy.

    Once, I would have said,"That's the nice thing about being a music director; you can have it the way you want it." But that's before I became a music director.