Abbreviated plainchant incipits
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    I am currently editing the psalm settings for Compline that Giovanni Rovetta published in 1662. They are scored for two four-part choirs (broadly SATB soli, ATTB tutti with the whole ensemble probably limited originally to 12 singers) and organ. "Cum invocarem" starts tutti. The tenor of the first choir is cued to sing the opening words of the remaining pieces ("In te Domine speravi", "Qui habitat", "Ecce nunc benedicite" and "Nunc dimittis" (not a psalm, of course!)...) but the musical cue consists of five black semibreves f g a g f. The organ book has similar indications but only a single black semibreve f in each case. In the opening five pieces in the publication (settings of the "Cinque laudate" sequence), the tenor book has full opening phrases (with black breves, black minims and dots to indicate some sort of rhythm) and indications of the tones of the following psalms. Thereafter, if required, these indications are limited to two or three notes. I will be grateful for ANY enlightenment. Thanks,