Rossini Propers fully notated?
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    The idea behind the Rossini propers seems sound to me - that is, to set all the propers to psalm tones for those choirs that cannot (yet) execute the full pieces of the Graduale satisfactorily.

    The realisation of that idea in published form, however, seems counterintuitive: the layout of the text, its size and the difficulties in visually tracking for added notes for syllables (etc) would not work well, in my view, with unskilled volunteers.

    Has anyone notated the Rossini propers in full, Sunday by Sunday? Modern notation or neumes are both fine by me.

    Thought I’d check before reinventing the wheel!

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    The realisation of that idea in published form, however, seems counterintuitive:
    I have long laughed at the absolute absurdity of how they were engraved. I think they are totally unusable as published. But, that was a time when paper and engraving labor were much more precious than they are today.
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    One thing I'll say for Rossini though: it's not until I puzzled my way through those Introits that I got "how to derive the Gloria Patri tone from the verse". Small praise, to be sure, but I'm grateful.
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    Does anyone have an alternative to Rossini that is CLEARLY notated?

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    Chant tools, app or web. Full notated psalm toned "chant propers", in the modes of the original antiphon. In the top rigth corner of each chant you can choose the full melody of graduale romanum or the psalm tone.
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    Many thanks for the app referral, Lincoln. Quick, easy and efficient!