I thought this was a satire!
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    You can see why..
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    You made my day!
    "...rebranding..." - "...unique Belief Method (TM)..." - "...marketing theories, consumer behavior research..." :-) :-) :-)
    But what about "outdated visual and verbal identity" vs. "realignment of your church's identity with its core beliefs"? You cannot have the latter without the former... it's called tradition, isn't it?

    "The core issue at hand isn't an issue of faith..." Really? I guess this analysis is quite wrong - why believe what the church teaches, apparently only 'because the church teaches it'...
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    If you really want a laugh, then read this, which also reads like satire. It is unironically ironic.

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    If you understand that Madison (a/k/a "Madistan") is perhaps the Left-most city in the US, having had an exceptionally strong Gnostic (admixtured with Marxist) foundation at the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus going back to the early 1900's, you will understand what a heavy lift it is to bring Actual Catholicism back to life in that city and the surrounding County, particularly the western- and southern- bordering areas of the City of Madison.

    Pray for them!
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    Re dad 29: I lived fir many years in Ann Arbor, the sister city to Madison
    So you have my prayers.
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