• Kathy
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    As I speak a talented 9th grader is making his way through Holy God, We Praise Thy Name on the little casio in my office.

    Next I'll take him over to the choir loft and introduce him to the organ.

    Methinks in time I'll have a substitute organist ready to play at rehearsals and Masses, serving our parish freely but "graduating" into paid positions here and elsewhere. This kind of apprenticeship has worked here as a win-win with cantors already, and in the old days, I think it's how a lot of organists got started. Has anyone else had experience developing local talent, esp. organists?
  • Yes, Kathy,
    I presently have three students- 12, 14 & 16 on a "scholarship" basis. They
    play a prelude & postlude with the processional hymns. Next step will be to
    add accompaniments for parts of the ordinary & responsorial psalm.
    I started this way, and believe many of us did.
    Let's all try to help at least one young person get started in our vocation.
    I remember an old and very revered mentor telling me, "Teach the children.
    And they'll teach the adults." So, do it! Our prayers go with you.
  • GavinGavin
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    That's how I learned to do church music. Formal lessons are one thing, but having local musicians work with me on service playing was invaluable.

    My recommendation is the same as Samuel's, but I would say start with hymns on the piano. It will increase the comfort level and allow them to focus on leading technique rather than how-to-play-the-organ.