Marian antiphons during the Triduum
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    On Holy Thursday we sang Compline at 10pm and ended with Ave Regina Caelorum.
    Our Bishop, who was leading the service, seemed puzzled by this. Afterwards he said that in his former life as Abbot of Pluscarden Abbey, the Marian antiphons were not sung during the Triduum.
    Is this a monastic, or particularly Benedictine tradition? Or is it a rule that we should be following?
    I have never come across it before.
  • I believe it is a rule for everyone to follow. My (Roman Rite) Breviaries say that the Marian Antiphons are not said during the Triduum.
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    I am sure there are other references, but DW:Daily Office (Commonwealth edition) says clearly: Ave Regina Cælorum from Morning Prayer on Feb 3† up to and including Compline on the Wednesday of Holy Week; Regina Cæli from Compline of Holy Saturday ...
    † LU1961 says from Compline on Feb2 (even if the feast is transferred)
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    I believe it is a rule for everyone to follow.

    In the EF (both in the secular and monastic office). In LOTH final antiphons are sung around the year, Triduum included. Omitting the final antiphon is not even a (legal) option.
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    igneus - can you give a reference for that?
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    In LOTH the final antiphon is an integral part of the Completory. For such a part to be lawfully omitted it's necessary that the omission is allowed by the law. But there is no single rubric allowing such an omission:

    Ordinary of the Lent-Eastertide LOTH volume (which mentions all the seasonal peculiarities like replacing the responsory with Christus factus est in the Triduum): ... Deinde dicitur una ex sequentibus antiphonis. No special arrangement for the Triduum.

    Proprium de tempore in the same volume: throughout the Triduum a simple rubric is repeated for Completory: Completorium de dominica post II Vesperas, [page number]. Loco responsorii dicitur: Ant. Christus factus est [etc.] No special arrangement concerning the final antiphon for the Triduum.

    In the Completory section of the same volume, each day, including "Post II Vesperas dominicae et sollemnitatum" referenced by the rubric cited above, concludes by a rubric Conclusio Horae et antiphona ad B. M. V., ut in Ordinario, [page number]. No special arrangement concerning the final antiphon for the Triduum.

    In IGLH paragraph 92 is the only one dedicated to the final antiphons: Demum dicitur una ex antiphonis de B. Maria Virgine. Tempore vero paschali, erit semper antiphona Regína cæli. Præter antiphonas, quæ in libro Liturgiæ Horarum exstant, aliæ possunt approbari a Conferentiis Episcoporum. No special arrangement for the Triduum.

    All LOTH rubrics dealing with the final antiphons just indicatively state that the antiphon is said, hence the antiphon is always said and there is no permission to leave it out.