St. Luke's Passion - Composition
  • Drake
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    I have now posted the score of the setting of St. Luke's Passion at the following link:

    The PDF is available at the bottom of the post and is licensed CC-BY-NC-ND. Interpretation notes are also available. The live stream from the event is still up, and I've added chapters to make it easier to find each movement within the video.

    All-in-all, the live stream is very good. Being that the event was later in the day, the choir had more difficulty with keeping the pitch spot on relative to the strings that we had in rehearsal. In rehearsals, the choir was dead on with the strings each time (I was very, very impressed), so we concentrated on practicing the more tricky rhythms. The day of, the rhythms were great, but we unexpectedly had the issue with pitch. Still, the event was a great success, and we got all kinds of wonderful, positive feedback both from those present in person and those who watched online.

    There was another thread about the premiere event, but the purpose of this thread is to make the score available if anyone is interested in performing it as a devotion during future Lents. I hope it may be useful.