Name of the Solemn Vigil Alleluia on Gregobase?
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    I'm looking to insert the square note version of the easter alleluia, and I wanted to generate a clean image from Gregobase, but I cannot figure out which of the hundred 'alleluia' options it is. I've scanned everything with "T.P.", "vigil" etc. and I'm still stumped.

    Please help.
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    Update for posterity:

    "Alleluia (ad Evangelium)"
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    You can also browse chants by the page number of the chant book where they are found, using the list on the bottom half of the "Scores" page.

    If you're using the 1961 Liber Usualis, for example, and the Alleluia in question can be found in P. 776II.
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    I have a 52!
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    The '61 is available for download on the CMAA web site, in the "resources" list. Also, Gregobase usually includes a page image for every chant on the site.