Wedding music suitable for harmonium
  • jazz_man
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    Can anyone recommend wedding entrance and exit music that might work well on a harmonium.

    The wedding ceremony and nuptial mass are taking place in a small 80 capacity chapel with a harmonium rather than an organ; the couple are fond of the baroque but open-minded to other styles as long as the music is fitting and as grand sounding as it can be on a harmonium.

  • Maybe Schmücke dich, o liebe Seele, Op. 122 No. 5, Johannes Brahms.
    Your favorite of the Pachebel Magnificat Fugues.
    The original Stanley Trumpet Voluntary was for manuals only and might sound ok
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  • MatthewRoth
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    If you need other music… Henri Potiron's music other than his accompaniments aren't well-known. This is his Fughette on Kyrie Orbis Factor. It's not typical to use this Kyrie at a wedding, but it sounds nice.

    I presume that this PDF is the score used given that the uploader is also Dutch, but the usual score is available in the PDF here. P. 80 of the print version is electronic p. 91.
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