Music Teacher (K-8), 25-35 hrs
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    Stella Maris Academy in San Francisco and the St. Mary’s Cathedral Choir School are searching for a music teacher, 25 hours to full-time. Stella Maris is a liberal arts Catholic elementary school (Pre-K to 8) with a classical curriculum, in which music plays an essential role. An important element of the school is the integration of the Cathedral Choir School, for which the successful candidate will be the assistant director. The goal of the music program is musical literacy in a voice-based curriculum that includes some instrumental instruction. Commitment to the school’s mission is essential, and preference is given to practicing Catholics with Kodaly or Ward background. Salary range $55,000 to $83,000 (34-40 hrs), depending on the number of hours and experience. Deadline for applying is April 1. Please contact Dr. Christoph Tietze,, or Dr. Gavin Colvert,
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