Suggestions for polyphony for teens to learn in one week for the Mass of Sts. Peter & Paul
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    I and another music leader at my parish are planning a one-week sacred music camp for children 8-17 at our parish this summer, and are planning to have them sing at a Mass on the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul. I wanted some relatively easy polyphony for the older students (the whole group will be learning chant and singing the Missa de Angelis). I found one simple four voice setting for Tu Es Petrus to do as a communion motet, but I'm looking for ideas about an age-appropriate piece (13-17) related to St. Paul, or to the apostles generally. I don't want to give them anything too challenging as this will be our first year, and I have no idea what their skill level will be. But I've set aside enough rehearsal time to do at least two relatively simple four-part pieces.
  • m_r_taylor
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    No particular ideas besides perhaps looking for texts using the words of St. Paul.
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    Here’s a setting of Tu es Petrus which I recently sang with my children’s choir. Very repetitive, we learned it in about 20 minutes, but still effective.
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    Michael Haller’s setting of Tu es Petrus is very nice and of hymn-like difficulty.
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    I like the Hassler "In te Domine speravi" because the four parts are in a strict canon, and half-way through the piece starts over again (starting at m.25 in the bass). You can rehearse soprano and tenor singing their lines together in unison, and then as a canon as written; do the same thing with alto and bass; and finally put it all together.
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    I should have mentioned that the setting for Tu Es Petrus that I am already planning to use is Haller's. In Te Domine, Speravi seems like a good idea for this group. Otherwise, I may use Pearsall's setting for Ave Verum Corpus that I found in a copy of the Book of Parish Motets my friend owns.