Saint Cloud, MN: Cathedral Music Director
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    Director of Music

    Terms: Full-time, salaried, flexible hours
    Education: degree in music, liturgical studies, or similar experience in parish music
    Experience: Minimum of 2-5 years
    Salary range: $55-70k according to qualifications

    St. Mary’s Cathedral is an active and vibrant Catholic parish of over six hundred families with three weekend liturgies. The parish engages in a full spectrum of prayer (communal and personal), discipleship formation and service in and beyond its downtown neighborhood. In addition, it is the seat of the Diocesan Bishop and hosts various diocesan liturgies and special events.

    Qualifications: The Director of Music is a faithful Catholic who demonstrates a love and zeal for the Church's mission; who has a capacity to lead others in the worship of God; who has a desire to form disciples; who can identify and cultivate the gifts of parishioners; who demonstrates a high level of organizational skills and team building abilities; who has experience as a church musician. Keyboard proficiency and liturgical planning experience are desired.

    Job Function: Plan, direct, and oversee the music program at St. Mary’s Cathedral parish and assist in preparing diocesan liturgies.

    As Director of Music, primary duties are:

    Engage and form parish musicians, training them individually and collectively to create music that elevates parishioners in their worship of God,

    Develop, plan, direct, and occasionally accompany the music at St. Mary’s with support from the rector, parish staff, and the director of the diocesan Office of Worship (for diocesan liturgies celebrated at St. Mary’s),

    Rehearse and direct the Cathedral Choir, cantors and instrumentalists for weekly Masses and for other special liturgies throughout the year (Christmas, Sacred Triduum and Easter); oversee cantors and ensembles for special liturgies,

    In collaboration with the diocesan Office of Worship, plan music, rehearse and direct the Diocesan Choir and/or cantors for diocesan liturgies at the Cathedral (Rite of Election, Chrism Mass, ordinations, etc.),

    Lead efforts to recruit and form cantors, choir members, and other musicians for all liturgies at the Cathedral,

    Lead the selection and procurement of music and maintain the music library,

    Meet with engaged couples and bereaved families to plan and prepare Wedding and Funeral music, and

    Participate in professional development opportunities (NPM, workshops, courses, webinars).

    To apply, send cover letter and resume or CV to:
    Any inquiries can be sent to:
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