Full-Time Director of Sacred Music and Organist (Saint Paul, MN)
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    This is the new parish of my former pastor. His vision for liturgy is why I applied for my current job. His Parochial Vicar is also a huge supporter of sacred music and reverent NO liturgies. West Saint Paul is a great affordable neighborhood and the parish is teeming with life.

    Full Job Description attached.

    Director of Music & Organist- Saint Joseph Catholic Church (West St. Paul, MN)

    The purpose of this position is to help establish and maintain a program of sacred liturgical music
    for the glory of God and the sanctification of the faithful. The person who fills this position will
    be charged with furnishing the liturgy with music that possesses holiness, beauty of form, and
    universality; coordinate and direct parish choral ensembles, cantors, and instrumentalists;
    regularly serve as the principal organist for all parish liturgies; and implement magisterial
    documents on sacred music, especially what is given in the Roman Missal, Musicam Sacram,
    Sacrosanctum Concilium, and Sing to the Lord. Given the recent history at our parish, building a
    sacred music program that is deeply rooted in the tradition of the Catholic Church will take time,
    patience, and sensitivity. Part of this task will be helping our people come to a deeper love for
    sacred music and a greater comfort singing from our tradition.
    Primary responsibilities of this position include:
    • Providing organ music for all Sunday and Holy Day Masses, as well as other liturgical
    services at Saint Joseph, including School Masses.
    • Establishing, training, coordinating, scheduling, rehearsing, and conducting an adult
    choir, a children’s choir, a schola, and a stable of cantors, recognizing that this will take
    some time and that competence is required for service in the liturgy.
    • Selecting and preparing music in accordance with the demands of the liturgical year, in
    consultation with the pastor.
    • Working cooperatively with the pastor and staff.
    In addition to proficiency at the organ, the ideal candidate will be proficient in cantoring and
    conducting. Experience in sacred music as laid out in Musicam Sacram, Sacrosanctum Concilium,
    and Sing to the Lord; English and Gregorian chant; sacred polyphony in its various forms; and
    traditional hymnody is preferred.
    Please Note: Candidates who are interviewed will be asked to demonstrate their skill level during
    the interview.
    • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in music (Preferred: master’s degree in choral conducting
    or organ performance or an equivalent)
    • Excellent skills as either a vocalist or an organist (Preferred: both)
    • Experience directing a choir
    • Working knowledge of the human voice and an aptitude for giving instruction to
    choristers with varied degrees of ability and experience
    • Stylistic understanding of a broad range of choral repertoire, including Gregorian Chant,
    Polyphony, Romantic choral repertoire, and modern-era compositions
    • Working knowledge of the Catholic Church’s teachings, history, liturgy, and traditions
    • Strong interpersonal skills
    • Strong administrative, organizational, computer, and communication skills
    • Well-rounded professionalism, including ability to provide and receive constructive
    • work well without supervision, exhibit patience in stressful situations, etc.
    • Successful completion of required background checks and safety trainings

    To Apply
    Send cover letter, résumé, and at least two reference letters to:
    Father Luke Marquard
    Church of Saint Joseph
    1154 Seminole Avenue
    West St. Paul, MN 55118
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