Reminder: Please do not add critical comments to job notices.
  • chonakchonak
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    Dear Readers,

    As you probably know, we welcome job announcements on the Forum. It's a service we provide for parishes and for you who are working church musicians.

    The wonderful Forum Etiquette Guidelines have some, well, guidelines in regard to job postings.

    Special rules apply to job postings. Additional commentary following the posting must deal with verifiable facts only (e.g., position filled, bilingual a must, etc.) and not attempt to bias the applicant selection process. Any additional commentary will be deleted.

    If you hear about an open position through word of mouth or other unofficial sources, please confirm the information with the parish before posting it here.

    The aim of these limitations is to offer a safe, welcoming environment for people who make job postings on the CMAA forum. If you've ever advertised a job, you no doubt are familiar with "classified ad" notices. They are not set up to give equal time to graffiti by anonymous critics. So if you especially need to comment, start a separate thread for that purpose.

    With this approach, this site has become a leading resource for church music jobs; and that helps advance CMAA's mission.

    So please do not be the lout who posts graffiti on someone's job announcement. Thanks to all.
  • francis
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    I’ll give it that this is in response to the comment about “American Catholic” music. I’ve never heard it expressed that way, but it certainly makes sense.

    “And forgive us our lout as we forgive those who lout against us.”
  • CharlesW
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    I think many such job announcements in a number of places are old by the time they are posted. If you read some of those announcements, they are often masterpieces of creative writing having little to do with the actual job functions. So raise a cup of lout, Francis and pass the lout around.