Moses Song of Victory (Exodus 15)
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    Does anyone have an English chant for the song of victory from Exodus 15? Otherwise, how might I go about setting it to a psalm tone. I'm very new to psalm tones, but had to learn some things rapidly for Solemn Vespers during Advent in which I had to accompany on the organ and sing. For this particular question about Exodus 15, it's for use in a men's prayer group. Thanks!
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    This is how the late Theodore Marier set the antiphon and verses then required for the Easter Vigil in the hymnal "Hymns Psalms and Spiritual Canticles" (2nd ed. 1983)
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    1. Attached: the psalm-tone adaptation from Jeff Ostrowski's Lalement Propers (2013)

    2ab. Also attached: a PDF with two settings from the Palmer/Burgess Plainchant Gradual (1946)
    — a complicated adaptation of the Gregorian melody
    — a simple psalm-tone alternative

    3ab. Further attached: a PDF from Fr. Samuel Weber, OSB (2006), containing two settings of the chant in question (preceded by two settings of another Responsory)

    4. Also: the somewhat confusingly notated psalm-tone version of this chant from the Graduale Parvum (2012)

    5. More: the full chant melody in English adaptation from the second edition of Bruce Ford's American Gradual (2008)

    6ab. Still more: in C. David Burt's Anglican Use Gradual (2006), there are two options, one of which is the fully-notated chant melody in English adaptation, and the other (which immediately follows) is a psalm-tone formula with which to intone the text instead
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  • What Liam said. The Marier antiphon is both outrageous and dramatic. I've had high school students, who sang it at Vigil, tell me that they caught themselves singing the antiphon and verses in July while vacuuming and cleaning. The SATB verses add to the flavor.
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    This is wonderful. Thank you for the help!