Gregorian Chant & Early Sacred Music: a layman's lexicon for the parish musician
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    Dear friends,

    Some of you remember me as Angela Manney, when I joined this forum almost 20 years ago. I posted many questions here, and received much guidance at a time when I was creating a diocesan program for Gregorian chant and greatly needed support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Many of you also know me from Facebook groups, where I seek to give back the same kind of support I received first here.

    I've been working with students online the past three years, and have noticed a gap in the resources available to budding sacred musicians: a simple, easy to use lexicon. What is the EF and the NO? Psalm tone? Antiphon? Solesmes? Salicus vs. scandicus? What does the * mean? What is the difference between the Antiphonale Romanum and the Antiphonale Monasticum and the Graduale Romanum? You get the idea...

    I decided to create such a resource just a few weeks ago. In its infancy, it contains over 100 entries, with new ones being added on a weekly basis.

    The lexicon is open to all for use, no strings attached. It's another way to say "thank you" to those who have helped me, and continue to help me along the way.