Lent 1: Litany of the Saints for procession
  • I've read guidelines that mention using the Litany of the Saints for the procession on the First Sunday of Lent. It says that in its more solemn form, the procession starts somewhere other than the church, processes to the church, and the introductory rites are omitted.

    What if you aren't doing the solemn form for the procession...can the Litany of the Saints be used as the Entrance Chant for Mass still? Is this recommended?

    Paschale Solemnitatis (the circular letter regarding prep & celebration of Easter feasts) n. 23 references the Ceremonial of Bishops n. 261, but I don't have access to this ritual book. I like the idea of using the Litany of the Saints in the place of the Entrance Chant but want to make sure I'm planning with the mind of the Church.

    What is your experience/knowledge regarding this? Thank you for any guidance.
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    N. 261 of the Cæremoniale Episcoporum, describes how this is done:
    - an appropriate chant is sung while the priest is going to the place where the people have gathered (I suppose this can be the introit from the Graduale Romanum)
    - the people are greeted in the usual way
    - a short introduction may be spoken
    - then, the priest prays the collect from the Mass of the Mystery of the Holy Cross, the Mass for the Forgiveness of Sins, the Mass for the Holy Church or one of the prayers over the people
    - the deacon invites to start the procession ('Let us go in peace')
    - while the Litany of Saints is sung, the procession goes to the altar.
    - the priest kisses and incenses the altar
    - at the ambo, the priest prays the collect of Mass (the Kyrie may be omitted)

    Looking at the different forms of the procession on Palm Sunday, I think it must be possible to start the procession in the back of the church. The hymn, greeting, introduction, collect and invitation are performed there. Then the procession goes to the altar in the usual way.
  • If you aren't doing the solemn form, I see no reason rubrically why you couldn't just sing it during the procession and then maybe follow it up with the introit.
  • I found this at the Diocese of Crookston, MN. It's a bit old, since the response to the salutation is "also with you."
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