Meinrad, Weber, Omaha, Hughes, Clayton, Conception...what are the other choices for English chant?
  • These six seem to be the most popular options:

    Meinrad - Over 50 years old already, I'd say it's stood the test of time. Up to 6 stanzas.
    Weber - Made by one of the priests who worked on Meinrad, and used (I think) in the Mundelein Psalter. Has more Gregorian motifs. 2 stanzas per mode.
    Omaha - Very simple, the note either going up or down on the next syllable. Up to 4 stanzas per mode.
    Hughes - A middle ground of simple and complex, this system assigns suggested themes to each of the modes. 4 stanzas per mode.
    Clayton - unique in that it incorporates multiple stresses per stanza. 2 stanzas per mode.
    Conception Abbey - Copyrighted, so no online sources unfortunately. But it basically seems like an easier version of Meinrad (6 stanzas as well, but always the same order.)

    What other systems are there?

    And which do you suggest for starting weekly Vespers at a parish?
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    For people praying out of the 1-vol. Christian Prayer, Murray or Bevenot tones would be the most convenient, since those are in the book.

    Murray tones are Gregorian-based, like Weber, so just two line strophes. 8 modes.
    Bevenot tones: 4-line strophes. 8 modes.

    Christian Prayer includes only two Hughes tones, A and B, for the invitatory.

    Personally I've tried Meinrad, Murray, Bevenot and Hughes and prefer Meinrad tones. Except for Meinrad tone 3, which is unpleasant to sing and might therefore be difficult to teach because it "sounds wrong."
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    Oh, and with a bit of googling you can find a lot of Conception Abbey stuff incl. quite a few LotH booklets. Though idk what their use permissions are.

    The card of psalm tones is 75¢ on their online shop. so it's easy to get.
  • Thanks for the feedback, I forgot there are tones included in Christian Prayer.

    Meinrad seems to be a lot of people's favorite.